My life in Genealogy or Family History started back in about 1978. I was given a "hard time" at school about my middle name. Back then its student profile was very much that of a middle of the road Anglo-Saxon school. Therefore a middle name of Follett drew attention to me and the opportunity for fellow students to have fun at my expense.

I asked my father why that name was chosen and he explained that he was not sure but it was traditional for the eldest son of the eldest son to have this name for generations back. My father continued that his father had "done" the family history however it had be cleared out and burnt by my grandmother after my grandfathers death.

So I started again way back then. Progress has been varied in pace with sometimes years inbetween as my studies, morgages and family raising got in the way.

It has been a rewarding experience.

This site contains the research I have done over these long years and is automatically generated from my TMG (The Master Genealogist) database.


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