Wayne Bottomley

     Wayne Bottomley was born.1
Wayne Bottomley died.1


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Samuel Thomas Crabb

M, b. 1893, d. 1984
     Samuel Thomas Crabb was born in 1893.
Samuel Thomas Crabb died in 1984.



Shirley June Crabb1

F, b. 1932, d. 1979
FatherSamuel Thomas Crabb1 b. 1893, d. 1984
     Shirley June Crabb was born in 1932.
Shirley June Crabb died in 1979.2

Robert Troupe Moodie

M, b. 1822, d. 12 March 1899
     Robert Troupe Moodie was born in 1822 at Montrose, Forfarshire, Angus, Scotland. Robert Troupe Moodie Clark was named after Robert Troupe Moodie on 19 May 1849 at transit, on the ocean, en route to Australia.1 On 23 May 1863 Robert Troup Moodie Esquire was appointed by His Excellency The Governor [NSW] with the advice of the Executive Council to be a Lieutenant in the Volunteer Naval Brigade.
Robert Troupe Moodie died on 12 March 1899 at Airlie, Albyn Street, Strathfield, New South Wales. Dungog Chronicle : Durham and Gloucester Advertiser (NSW : 1894 - 1954), Friday 17 March 1899, page 2

Death of Captain Moodie.

Captain Robert Troup Moodie, an old and respected colonist, died at his residence, 'Airlie', Albyn street, Strathfield, early on Suuday morning. Deceased, who was 77 years of age, was a member of the Marine Board at the time of his death, and had filled the position for the past 15 years. He first came to the colonies in 1818 in charge of the ship Dorothy, of New castle-on-Tyne, and subsequently with the ship Hannah in 1851. With Cdptains B Monro and Knight, later on, he received a commission to bring out the new ships comprising the fleet of the A.S.N. Company, viz , the City of Sydney (Captain Moodie), the Boomerang (Captain Monro), and the Illalong (Captain Knight). The City of Sydney was put on to the Sydney and Melbourne passenger and cargo traffic, and during her running carried 50,000 passengers between the ports without fatality or accident, beyond -that one passenger sustained a broken leg. The vessel was wrecked at Green Cape on November 6, 1862. Captain Moodie, after the fullest enquiry, was exonerated from all blame in connec tion with the mishap. He was next placed in charge of the Urara and eventually transferred to the Rangitira, in the Brisbane and Melbourne trades. He resigned from the A.S.N. Company, in 1863, and entered upon the profession of a marine surveyor, in which he was very successful. Again, he entered into an agreement with Messrs Gilchrist, Watt, and Co., of Sydney, to manage their extensive shipping business, having to handle a large sailing fleet, the first steamers of the Orient Company, and those engaged in the San Francisco mail ser-vice. After 14 years satisfactory ser vice with this company, Captain Moodie retired, obtaining then the position as a member of the Marine Board, rendered vacant by the resig-nation of Mr J. B. Want, M L.O., who strongly recommended his appointment.. He was also a member of the Steam Navigation Board up to the time of its abolition. As the managing trustee of the Presbyterian Cemetery at the Necropolis he was held in the greatest respect by those who had occasion to consult him and, strangely enough, was the last of the original trustees of all denomina tions. Whilst in the command of the City of Sydney he conveyed the first intercolonial teams of cricketers from Sydney to Melbourne, and from Mel- -bourne to Sydney, and also brought the first English eleven into Port. Jackson. With the same steamer, in the early fifties, he made a unique voyage to Suez and back on the oc casion of the break down of the mail steamer. For this he received some very flattering testimonials. It fell to his lot to convey to Taranaki from Sydney two companies of the twelfth Foot and a detachment of the Royal Artillery, on the occasion of the New Zealand war. On the occasion also of the memorable Canoona rush (Queens land) Captain Moodie represented, with much tact and ability, the A .S.N. Company's interests at Rockhampton. Deceased leaves a Widow, one son (Al-derman Robert Moodie, of North Syd-ney), two daughters (Mrs Captain William Cargill and Mrs F.G. Mon ro), nine grandchildren, and one great. Grandchild. _On December 16, 1898, Captain and Mrs Moodie celebrated their diamond wedding. Deceased had enjoyed perfect health through-out a long and useful life, being laid up on but one occasion, some 19 years ago, when he received a paralytic stroke. The immediate cause of death was senile decay. [Deceased was the father of Mrs P. G. Monro, wife of the manager of the Commercial Bank, of this town ]


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Ethel Jones

F, b. circa 1888, d. 10 June 1889
FatherWilliam Jones b. c 1857, d. 25 Aug 1904
MotherPriscilla Woods b. 1862, d. 4 Jun 1955
     Ethel Jones was born circa 1888.1,2
Ethel Jones died on 10 June 1889. She was on board ship with her parents sailing for Australia. She was only 10 months old.2


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John Jones

     John Jones was an Engineer according to the death certificate of his son William who died in 1904. He was born at England.
John Jones married Nora Wharton.


Nora Wharton

Nora Wharton1

     Nora Wharton married John Jones. Her married name was Jones.1


John Jones


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Jane Johnston

F, b. 1867, d. 26 February 1876
FatherHugh Johnston b. 1800, d. 10 Nov 1871
MotherGrace Ross Meikle b. 20 Aug 1801, d. 9 May 1879
     Jane Johnston was born in 1867 at Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand.1 I have yet to find absolute proof that Hugh and Grace were her mother and father. It may be resonable to assume this but only due to the fact that she was burried along side them in Dunedin's Southern Cemetery.
However I cannot find her birth recorded in NZ.
Jane Johnston died on 26 February 1876. She was buried on 28 February 1876 at Dunedin, New Zealand. She died of conumption and was only 9 years old.


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Alfred Mark Hands

M, b. 23 October 1850, d. 18 April 1907
FatherMark John Hands b. 1827, d. 1861
MotherJane Harford b. 1827, d. 3 Sep 1903
     Alfred Mark Hands was born on 23 October 1850.
Alfred Mark Hands died on 18 April 1907 at Ashfield, New South Wales, at age 56.1


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James Smeaton Richardson1

M, b. circa 1868
FatherWilliam Richardson1
MotherMargaret Whyte Johnston1 b. 20 Aug 1830, d. 6 Oct 1912
     James Smeaton Richardson was born circa 1868.1


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Lucy Lee Smith1

F, b. 1874
FatherWilliam Richardson1
MotherMargaret Whyte Johnston1 b. 20 Aug 1830, d. 6 Oct 1912
     Lucy Lee Smith was born in 1874 at New Zealand. Her birth registration number is 1874/30205.1


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Carol Inglis Crow

F, b. 1909
FatherJohn Meek (Jack) Crow b. 1872
     Carol Inglis Crow was born in 1909 at Northcote, Melbourne.1


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