Gordon Samuel Giddings

M, b. 4 November 1907, d. 7 January 1980
FatherSamuel Giddings b. 6 Nov 1872, d. 13 Jan 1953
MotherElizabeth Hull Jenzen b. 25 Jun 1878, d. 22 Dec 1942
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     Gordon Samuel Giddings was buried at Western Cemetery, Geelong, VicG. He was born on 4 November 1907 at Warracknabeal, VicG.
Gordon Samuel Giddings died on 7 January 1980 at Geelong, VicG, at age 72.

Graeme William Giddings

M, b. 1953, d. 14 September 1957
FatherWilliam Maurice Giddings b. 29 Jan 1919
MotherDorothy May Palmer b. 19 Oct 1925, d. 7 Nov 1980
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     Graeme William Giddings was born in 1953. He was buried in 1957 at Western Cemetery, Geelong, VicG.
Graeme William Giddings died on 14 September 1957 at Geelong, VicG.

Graham James Giddings

M, b. 5 April 1922
FatherFrancis Benjamin Giddings b. 14 Jul 1891, d. 2 Apr 1966
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     Graham James Giddings died. He was born on 5 April 1922 at Prospect, SAG.
Graham James Giddings married Gladys Rose Kelly on 13 March 1948 at Church of Christ, Nailsworth, SAG.


Gladys Rose Kelly b. 21 Feb 1929, d. 2 Sep 2008

Henry George Giddings

M, b. 31 March 1883, d. 22 October 1950
FatherJohn Giddings b. 1847, d. 16 Nov 1931
MotherLydia Susannah Usher b. 4 Apr 1847, d. 10 Aug 1906
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     The Advertiser, Thursday 24 June 1937
GIDDINGS-WHIMPRESS - On the 19th June, 1912 at Maitland MethodistChurch, by Rev. AJ Finch, H George, fourth son of the late Mr & MrsJohn Giddings, Gumeracha to Bessie J, third daughter of Mr and MrsGeorge Whimpress, Kersbrook. Present address, Ardrossan.
Henry George Giddings was born on 31 March 1883 at Hd of Morgan SAG.
Henry George Giddings married Bessie Jane Whimpress, daughter of George Thomas Whimpress, on 19 June 1912 at Methodist Church, Maitland SAG.
Henry George Giddings died on 22 October 1950 at Ardrossan, SAG, at age 67.


Bessie Jane Whimpress b. 1891, d. 15 Jun 1946

Herbert Edwin Giddings

M, b. 1880, d. 26 March 1946
FatherJames Giddings b. 1852, d. 16 Feb 1920
MotherLydia Fullston b. 24 Nov 1853, d. 28 Sep 1891
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     Herbert Edwin Giddings was buried at Horsham, VicG. He was born in 1880 at Horsham, Victoria, AustraliaG.
Herbert Edwin Giddings married Margaret Jane Lawson, daughter of Robert Herbert Lawson, in 1910 at VictoriaG.
Herbert Edwin Giddings died on 26 March 1946 at Elwood, VicG.


Margaret Jane Lawson b. 1887, d. 3 Apr 1945

Herbert Thomas Giddings

M, b. 23 June 1880, d. 4 September 1956
FatherFrederick Giddings b. 8 Apr 1854, d. 14 Sep 1927
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     Herbert Thomas Giddings was born on 23 June 1880 at Kersbrook SAG. He was Type: Last Residence in 1956 at Golden Grove, SAG.
Herbert Thomas Giddings died on 4 September 1956 at Golden Grove, SAG, at age 76.



Herbert William Giddings

M, b. 5 March 1891, d. 4 November 1891
FatherJohn Thomas Giddings b. 14 Sep 1862, d. 18 Feb 1931
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     Herbert William Giddings was born on 5 March 1891.
Herbert William Giddings died on 4 November 1891 at Yongala, SAG. He was buried on 5 November 1891 at Yongala, SAG. Sect B Grave 379.

Hilda Giddings

F, b. 16 May 1898
FatherWilliam Arthur Giddings b. 21 Feb 1875, d. 13 Oct 1956
MotherMargaret Harriet Borough b. 23 May 1875, d. 2 Aug 1945
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     Hilda Giddings was born on 16 May 1898.

Iris Catherine Giddings

F, b. 9 November 1908
FatherHerbert Thomas Giddings b. 23 Jun 1880, d. 4 Sep 1956
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     Iris Catherine Giddings was born on 9 November 1908 at Golden Grove SAG.

Ivan George Giddings

M, b. 1917
FatherGeorge Giddings b. 18 Jan 1874, d. 28 May 1956
MotherEllen Agatha Gleeson b. 1890, d. 21 Jun 1951
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     Ivan George Giddings was born in 1917.

Ivy Rachael Giddings

F, b. 30 July 1912, d. 18 June 1996
FatherSamuel Giddings b. 6 Nov 1872, d. 13 Jan 1953
MotherElizabeth Hull Jenzen b. 25 Jun 1878, d. 22 Dec 1942
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     Ivy Rachael Giddings was buried at Western Cemetery, Geelong, VicG. Her married name was McKenzie. She was born on 30 July 1912 at Warracknabeal, VicG.
Ivy Rachael Giddings married Charles Farquhar McKenzie on 2 June 1951 at Baptist Church, Manifold Heights, VicG.
Ivy Rachael Giddings died on 18 June 1996 at Geelong, VicG, at age 83.


Charles Farquhar McKenzie b. 5 Oct 1907, d. 28 Oct 1990

James Giddings

M, b. 1852, d. 30 April 1853
FatherJohn Giddings b. 1814, d. 27 Jan 1892
MotherAnn Prior b. 1816, d. 3 Jan 1899
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     James Giddings was buried at At SeaG. He was born in 1852.
James Giddings died on 30 April 1853 at At sea aboard 'Ramillies'G.

James Giddings

M, b. 10 April 1873, d. 23 February 1955
FatherJohn Giddings b. 1847, d. 16 Nov 1931
MotherLydia Susannah Usher b. 4 Apr 1847, d. 10 Aug 1906
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     James Giddings was buried at Gumeracha General Cemetery, Adelaide Hills, South AustraliaG. He was born on 10 April 1873 at North Gumeracha, Adelaide Hills, South AustraliaG.
James Giddings married Harriet Levina Bennett, daughter of William Bennett, on 30 May 1901 at Residence of John Giddings, Kenton Valley SAG.
James Giddings died on 23 February 1955 at Gumeracha, SA (Tal)G, at age 81.


Harriet Levina Bennett b. 26 Dec 1869, d. 18 Jul 1954

James Giddings

M, b. 1822, d. 9 October 1824
FatherJohn Giddings b. 1787, d. 19 Apr 1864
MotherMary Whitwell b. 1790, d. 16 Sep 1871
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     James Giddings was buried at Sawtry Hun. EnglandG. He was born in 1822 at Sawtry Hun. EnglandG.
James Giddings died on 9 October 1824 at Sawtry Hun. EnglandG.

James Giddings

M, b. 1852, d. 16 February 1920
FatherWilliam Giddings b. 10 Feb 1812, d. 2 Oct 1897
MotherAnn Lee b. 1817, d. 31 Jan 1899
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     James Giddings was born in 1852.
James Giddings married Lydia Fullston, daughter of Martin Fullston, on 5 May 1873 at Wesleyan Chapel, Gumeracha, Adelaide Hills, SAG.
South Australian Register, Friday 9 May 1873
GIDDINGS-FULSTONE - On the 5th May, by licence in the Wesleyan Church,Gumeracha, by the Rev. James Read, James, son of Mr William Giddings,to Lydia, daughter of Mr Martin Fulstone, all of North Gumeracha.
James Giddings died on 16 February 1920 at Horsham, VicG. He was buried at Blackheath (Sailors Home) Cemetery, Old Minyip Road Road, Blackheath, Horsham, -36.470190,142.283620G.


Lydia Fullston b. 24 Nov 1853, d. 28 Sep 1891

James Giddings

M, b. 19 September 1824, d. 17 May 1915
FatherJohn Giddings b. 1787, d. 19 Apr 1864
MotherMary Whitwell b. 1790, d. 16 Sep 1871
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     James Giddings was Farmer. He lived at Kersbrook, Gumbowie, Collinswood SAG.
England Census - 1851

James Giddings, Head, Married, ag 26, Ag Labourer, b Hunt. Sawtry
Mary Ann Giddings, Wife, Married, ag 23, b Hunt. Sawtry St Andrew
Residence 32 Sawtry Village, Sawtry St Judith, Huntingdonshire

Observer, 25 September, 1858 8h.
Five Pounds Reward - Whereas some evil-disposed person did, betweenthe 11th and 14th instant, injure a bullock belonging to me, bybreaking his thigh, at Malcom's flat. The above reward will be paidto any person giving such information as will lead to the convictionof the offenders. James Giddings, Chain of Ponds.

NOTICE - All pigs, goats, poultry, will be destroyed, and all horses,cattle, sheep, will be impounded if found trespassing on Section 178and 175 and all persons found removing wood from the above sectionswill be prosecuted according to law in the Hundred of Yongala, on andafter this date.
All persons found carrying a gun, night or day, on the under mentionedsections, 943, 6392, 6368 and 502 in the Hundred of Para Wirra, willbe dealt with according to law.
J. Giddings, Kersbrook.

South Australian Directory, 1867
Giddings, James, Mason, Black Gully, Kersbrook

South Australian Register, Friday 6 September 1867, pg3
(From a Correspondent)
Kersbrook September 4
At a meeting of the School Committe appointed by public meeting of the26th ultimo- present Messrs. Thomas Vercoe (Chairman), John McMillan(Treasurer), William Scott, John Wheaton, William Penna, George HGlover (Secretary), and James Giddings - It was resolved that eachmember of the Committee be supplied with a book to receivesubscriptions in aid of the school, and then to call a public meetingat which to hand in their report. The amount already collected isover 40 pounds.
After several weeks of fine spring weather, we had a change to wet theother day, but it passed off without much result.
The wheat, pea and potato crops are looking splendid.
Mr McMillan's little boy that was kicked by a horse last week seems obe getting a little better, but is not yet out of danger.

Observer, 20 August, 1881 39c
For Sale, or to let on a short lease by tender, Sections Nos. 6392,6368,943, and western portion of Section 6170, containing altogether315 acres 2 roods 77 perches more or less, in the Hundred of ParaWirra, near Kersbrook.
There is on the property a good four roomed stone house and a goodshed, and garden in full bearing and good water. Property known asJames Giddings'. Tenders to be sent under cover addressed to JamesGiddings, care of Mr John Giddings, Kersbrook.
I do not bind myself to accept the highest or any tender. For furtherparticulars apply to Mr John Giddings, Kersbrook, after August 20,1881.

Sands and McDougall SA Directory 1885
Giddings James, Farmer, Yongala

THE OBSERVER 23 October 1909 pg 9
Mr and Mrs James Giddings celebrated their diamond wedding at theirresidence 'Sawtry Holme' Collingswood on October 12th. The gatheringwas attended by a large circle of relatives and friends, comprisingall their children with grandchildren and great grandchildren, andthey received many good wishes and useful presents.
Mr and Mrs James Giddings arrived in SA by the ship Theautus onSeptember 7 1851.
Vehicular traffic was then very primitive and the only means oftransport was by bullock drays. They first proceeded to Kersbrook.Mr Giddings first work in South Australia was to raise stone at 3/- aday, subsequently he was employed by the late Mr Thomas Scott, a sheepfarmer of Deloraine at 10/- a week and rations and later washing andreaping with a sickle hook at 10/- an acre with rations included. Mrand Mrs Giddings used to reap one acre a day.
Afterwards he started farming operations on his own account on 40acres of land. He had the loan of four bullocks, two wood harrows withchisel share.
Their first residence on their own land was an old wattle and daubhut, which was erected some years previously. They had to pay 5pounds a bag for flour in those days.
Mr Giddings increased his holdings and after having resided atKersbrook for about 24 years, he disposed of his property and selectedland at Yongala. On the 6th April 1875 he bought Section 175 and 178of Yongala which consists of 615 acres for 642 pounds.
There they resided for 15 years, he then left his property to hischildren and retired to Collingswood.

The township of Yongala, area 65 1/2 acres, was laid out by LCE Lee in1876 and was named by Govenor Musgrave. In 1877 a number of businessenterprises, including a blacksmith, carpenter, shoemaker, butcher andsaddler were established within a few months. A chapel, eating houseand hotel were also erected. A branch of the National Australia Bankopened in 1877 and in 1879, a police officer was posted to the town.The Yongala Primary School was also opened in 1879 under supervisionto William Heithersay. The Institute building was formally opened on30th May 1879 and telegraph facilities were made in January 1881.The Jamestown-Yongala railway line opened on the 14th December 1880and the Yongala-Peterborough section on the 17th January 1881. Stocksales were being conducted on the third Saturday of each month inBowman's Yards by this time. Within ten years, the population ofYongala had increased to 365 and 86 housed had been erected.
Source 'Deceptive Lands' by Roma Mattey 1968

OBSERVER & CHRONICLE Saturday May 29 1915
Mr James Giddings, a colonist of 65 years died at the residence of hisson-in-law at Gumbowie on Tuesday last. With his wife Mr Giddingsarrived in SA by the ship Theautus on September 7th 1851.

HEADSTONE: Yongala Cemetery

Sacred to the memory of
Died 17 May 1915
Aged 90 years

SOURCE: Sue Poole. He was born on 19 September 1824 at Sawtry Huntingdonshire EnglandG. He was baptized on 12 December 1824.
James Giddings married Mary Ann Clark Spriggs, daughter of Thomas Spriggs, on 12 October 1849 at All Saints Church, Sawtry, Huntingdonshire, EnglandG. James Giddings arrived on 7 September 1851 to Arrived aboard 'Thetis'G.
James Giddings died on 17 May 1915 at Gumbowie SAG at age 90. He was buried on 19 May 1915 at Yongala, SAG. Sect. B Grave 380.


Mary Ann Clark Spriggs b. 1827, d. 1 Oct 1910

James Arthur Giddings

M, b. 1910, d. 1971
FatherArthur William Giddings b. 1876, d. 1962
MotherMarrion McLennan
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     James Arthur Giddings was born in 1910 at Sea Lake, VicG.
James Arthur Giddings died in 1971 at Wycheproof, VictoriaG.

James William Giddings

M, b. 7 March 1876, d. 12 December 1893
FatherWilliam Giddings b. 6 Feb 1840, d. 28 Jun 1891
MotherElizabeth Wise b. 26 May 1837, d. 27 Apr 1918
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     Died in Warracknabeal Hospital. James William Giddings was buried at Warracknabeal, VicG. He was born on 7 March 1876 at Penwortham SAG.
James William Giddings died on 12 December 1893 at Warracknabeal, VicG, at age 17.

Jennifer Pauline Giddings

F, b. 26 June 1951, d. 6 July 1951
FatherCharles Hodgen Giddings b. 10 Dec 1916
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     Jennifer Pauline Giddings was born on 26 June 1951. She was buried in July 1951 at Warracknabeal, VicG.
Jennifer Pauline Giddings died on 6 July 1951 at Warracknabeal, VicG.