Norman Alexander Giddings

M, b. 1918
FatherArthur William Giddings b. 1876, d. 1962
MotherMarrion McLennan
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     Norman Alexander Giddings was born in 1918.

Olive Rosalie Giddings

F, b. 1893, d. July 1919
FatherGeorge Garton Giddings b. 23 Apr 1864, d. 14 Nov 1920
MotherCatherine Ann Laidler b. 26 Jun 1869, d. 5 Nov 1947
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     Olive Rosalie Giddings was buried at Swan Hill, VicG. Her married name was Lawson. She was born in 1893 at Warracknabeal, VicG.
Olive Rosalie Giddings married Roy Alexander William Lawson, son of William Lawson, in 1918 at VicG.
Olive Rosalie Giddings died in July 1919 at Swan Hill, VicG.


Roy Alexander William Lawson b. 1893, d. 15 Jun 1975

Olive Tryphena Beatrice Giddings

F, b. 28 August 1890, d. 8 December 1955
FatherDavid Giddings b. 25 Nov 1857, d. 11 Jul 1942
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     Olive Tryphena Beatrice Giddings was born on 28 August 1890 at Hd of Cavenagh SAG.
Olive Tryphena Beatrice Giddings died on 8 December 1955 at age 65. She was buried on 9 December 1955 at Yongala, SAG. Sect B Grave 419.

Percival George Giddings

M, b. 22 June 1914, d. 1981
FatherHenry George Giddings b. 31 Mar 1883, d. 22 Oct 1950
MotherBessie Jane Whimpress b. 1891, d. 15 Jun 1946
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     Percival George Giddings was born on 22 June 1914 at Maitland, SAG.
Percival George Giddings died in 1981.

Percy Phillip Stephens Giddings

M, b. 6 July 1901, d. 9 July 1985
FatherJohn Thomas Giddings b. 14 Sep 1862, d. 18 Feb 1931
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     Percy Phillip Stephens Giddings was born on 6 July 1901. He lived in 1985 at Jamestown, SAG.
Percy Phillip Stephens Giddings died on 9 July 1985 at age 84. He was buried on 11 July 1985 at Yongala, SAG. Sect. B Grave 380.

Rhoda Giddings

F, b. 4 September 1835, d. 28 July 1907
FatherWilliam Giddings b. 1812, d. 2 Oct 1897
MotherAnn Lee b. 1817, d. 31 Jan 1899
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     Rhoda Giddings was buried at West Terrace Cemetery, Adelaide, South AustraliaG. Her married name was Mewett. She was born on 4 September 1835 at Sawtry Hun. EnglandG.
Rhoda Giddings married Jesse Mewett, son of Samuel Mewett, on 7 February 1856 at Park Farm, Kersbrook, South AustraliaG.
Rhoda Giddings died on 28 July 1907 at Parkside SAG at age 71.


Jesse Mewett b. 7 Nov 1835, d. 17 Mar 1911

Rhoda Isabella Giddings

F, b. 5 October 1891, d. 24 July 1980
FatherGeorge Garton Giddings b. 23 Apr 1864, d. 14 Nov 1920
MotherCatherine Ann Laidler b. 26 Jun 1869, d. 5 Nov 1947
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     Her married name was Isaacs. Rhoda Isabella Giddings was born on 5 October 1891 at Warracknabeal, VicG.
Rhoda Isabella Giddings married Walter John Isaacs on 1 May 1915.
Rhoda Isabella Giddings died on 24 July 1980 at Mildura, VicG, at age 88.


Walter John Isaacs b. 5 Oct 1887, d. 3 Oct 1965

Rhoda Sarah Jane Giddings

F, b. 14 May 1867, d. 22 June 1943
FatherWilliam Giddings b. 6 Feb 1840, d. 28 Jun 1891
MotherElizabeth Wise b. 26 May 1837, d. 27 Apr 1918
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     Rhoda Sarah Jane Giddings was buried at Heidelberg, VictoriaG. Her married name was Gamlen. She was born on 14 May 1867 at Mt Pleasant SAG.
Rhoda Sarah Jane Giddings married Robert Charles Gamlen, son of Eli Gamlen, on 19 May 1891 at VicG.
Rhoda Sarah Jane Giddings died on 22 June 1943 at Black Rock, VicG, at age 76. Unknown GEDCOM info: Parkinsons Disease.


Robert Charles Gamlen b. 9 Aug 1866, d. 29 Sep 1953

Rhonda Ann Giddings

F, b. 18 January 1861, d. 11 March 1861
FatherJames Giddings b. 19 Sep 1824, d. 17 May 1915
MotherMary Ann Clark Spriggs b. 1827, d. 1 Oct 1910
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     Rhonda Ann Giddings was born on 18 January 1861 at Chain of Ponds, South AustraliaG.
Rhonda Ann Giddings died on 11 March 1861 at Chain of Ponds, South AustraliaG. Unknown GEDCOM info: Congestion of Bowels.

Richard Alfred Giddings

M, b. 2 February 1869, d. 10 August 1934
FatherWilliam Giddings b. 6 Feb 1840, d. 28 Jun 1891
MotherElizabeth Wise b. 26 May 1837, d. 27 Apr 1918
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     Obituary - Warracknabeal Herald, Tuesday 14th August, 1934
The death took place in Ballarat on Friday of well known localresident in the person of Mr Arthur Richard Giddings, brother of MrSamual Giddings the well known farmer of Kellalac, deceased was one ofthe pioneer farmers of the district and in his younger days passedthrough trying and arduous times of the early settlers. Deceased wasborn in Saddleworth (SA), where his parents resided in 1869 and was 65years and six months old. Afterwards the family removed to Penworthamand from here he walked seven miles to the government school at SevenHills. A few years later the family removed to Peterborough (SA)where he finished his schooling. From Peterborough another transferof the family was made to Price's Range in the hundred of Eurilpa, 15miles north of Carrington. In 1888, the mallee was opening up andeyes were turned by Mr Giddings Sr to Victoria. The family decided toemigrate to Victoria and with an 8 horse team and waggon the long trekwas commenced, the family little knowing what hardship and privationsthey were faced with. All went well until the desert was entered uponand here they encountered miles upon miles of sand and waterlessplain. Mr S Giddings (of Kellalac) was also one of the fmily in thislong trek. Sometimes they had to go back miles for water and after amost hazardous and heartbraking trip the family landed on the banks ofthe Wimmera, two miles from what is now known as Jeparit. After ashort stay the father selected land at Kellalac, where deceased and MrSam Giddings and others of the family worked the land. The fatherdied in 1891 and the property was carried on by messrs Sam and RichardGiddings as Giddings Bros. The partnership lasting about 11 years.Deceased then went to Lorquon where he farmed for 18 or 20 years.This property was then sold and deceased went to Queenscliff, residingthere for some time, but his health began to fail and he found thatthe sea air did not suit him. Selling out at Queenscliff he followeda roving disposition for some years, About November 1932 his healthbecame very poor and Mr S Giddings, his brother who stayed atKellalac, took charge of him. Richard Alfred Giddings was buried at Warracknabeal, VicG. He was born on 2 February 1869 at Saddleworth SAG.
Richard Alfred Giddings died on 10 August 1934 at Ballarat, VicG, at age 65.

Robert James Giddings

M, b. 1924, d. 23 November 1993
FatherHerbert Edwin Giddings b. 1880, d. 26 Mar 1946
MotherMargaret Jane Lawson b. 1887, d. 3 Apr 1945
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     Robert James Giddings was born in 1924. He was buried in 1993 at Leopold, Victoria, AustraliaG.
Robert James Giddings died on 23 November 1993 at Geelong, VicG.

Ronald Arthur Giddings

M, b. 14 July 1913, d. 7 May 1980
FatherWilliam Arthur Giddings b. 21 Feb 1875, d. 13 Oct 1956
MotherMargaret Harriet Borough b. 23 May 1875, d. 2 Aug 1945
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     Ronald Arthur Giddings was born on 14 July 1913 at Booleroo Centre, SA (Fro)G.
Ronald Arthur Giddings died on 7 May 1980 at age 66.