Leslie Ernest Edward Pratt

M, b. 16 December 1897, d. 9 May 1909
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     Medical Note:-
Peritonitis is the inflammation of the membranes of the abdominal wall& organs. Peritonitis may be caused by the rupture of infectedorgans, such as the appendix or bowel.
source - www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au.
Leslie Ernest Edward Pratt was born on 16 December 1897 at Reeves Plains SAG.
Leslie Ernest Edward Pratt died on 9 May 1909 at Adelaide Hospital, Adelaide, SAG, at age 11. Unknown GEDCOM info: Peritonitis. He was buried on 11 May 1909 at Willaston, SA, Sect. 1, Row J, Grave 23G.

Lorraine Joy Price

F, b. circa 1949, d. 19 October 1975
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     Lorraine Joy Price was buried at Warracknabeal, VicG. She was born circa 1949.
Lorraine Joy Price died on 19 October 1975 at Warracknabeal, VicG.

William John Price

M, b. 15 December 1912, d. 9 November 1992
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     William John Price was born on 15 December 1912.
William John Price married an unknown person in 1941.
William John Price died on 9 November 1992 at age 79.

Ann Prior

F, b. 1816, d. 3 January 1899
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     Ann Prior married John Giddings, son of John Giddings and Mary Whitwell, at EnglandG.
The Adelaide Observer, 6.1.1900
In Memoriam
GIDDINGS - In loving memory of Ann Giddings, of Kersbrook, who died atTungkillo on the 3rd January, 1899, aged 83 years; also John, belovedhusband of the above, who died at Kersbrook on the 27th January, 1892,aged 76 years.
Why should we weep for those who sleep; On Jesu's loving breast?; Farfrom life's din, far from earth's sin; In Paradise they rest.Inserted by their loving daughters.
Ann Prior was buried at Kersbrook, SAG. Her married name was Giddings. She was born in 1816.
Ann Prior died on 3 January 1899 at Tungkillo SAG.


John Giddings b. 1814, d. 27 Jan 1892

George Purcell

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Horace Reginald Norman Purcell

M, b. 1905
FatherGeorge Purcell
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     Horace Reginald Norman Purcell was born in 1905.
Horace Reginald Norman Purcell married Ivy Rhoda Mewett, daughter of James Clarendon Mewett and Grace Maud Whitman, on 26 March 1926 at St Andrews Church, Walkerville SAG.


Ivy Rhoda Mewett b. 15 Jul 1906