Barfold is a locality situated on the Heathcote-Kyneton Road (C326) in Victoria, Australia. It has a community hall, Barfold Hall, and an Anglican church, Barfold Union Church.
A significant geological feature in the area is the Barfold Gorge, a four kilometre long gorge which is up to 80 metres deep and has two waterfalls, basalt columns and a lava cave.
A Barfold Post Office opened on 1 November 1861, some distance to the south of the present township. It was renamed Langley in 1867 when a new Barfold office was renamed from Emberton which had been open a few months. This closed in 1957, as did Langley in 1970.
Barfold was the birthplace of William Watt, Premier of Victoria in 1912 and 1913.