St Stephen Anglican Church, Edge Hill, Liverpool, England

St. Stephen’s Church was completed and consecrated in 1851.
The London and North Western Railway was to bring about the premature end of Scott’s church. It stood in the way of the extension of the main railway line in to Liverpool city centre and so was demolished in 1881 after just thirty years’ service to the people of Edge Hill.
The site chosen for the replacement St. Stephen’s was on the junction of Grove Street and Crown Street, a matter of metres away from the previous site but on the other side of Crown Street at a safe distance from the LNWR’s railway tunnel. It was also just outside the boundaries of the chapelry district as originally defined.
The area around Grove Street had lost its population with the mass demolition of housing in the 1970s and 1980s and Grove Street itself was frequented by kerb crawlers and vice girls. It wasn’t an area which offered much to sustain a struggling Anglican congregation and at the end of the 1980s the church was abandoned. It was demolished in 1992 and the site is now occupied by the Liverpool University nursery.